America’s 1st Reusable Light Bulb.

Go Green Solutions began manufacturing LED light tubes in Southern California in 2009. Our patented reusable end cap gives you a trade in cash credit when your tube wears out. Many of the components are reused and others are carefully recycled.

With over 20,000 LED tubes made with installations from the Los Angeles Subway tunnels to libraries, polce stations, schools and parking garages, Go Green Solutions offers sustainable lighting that delivers more usable lumens at half the energy use of traditional fluorescent tubes.

People who switch over from fluorescent tubes to LED tubes save from $4 to $14 dollars per year, per tube in electricity fees. Combined with the improve spectral color output of LEDs over most fluorescents, people are experiencing better visual acuity and less eye strain. Contact us today to see what steps you can take to save money, improve your light quality and ascend to a sustainable product that saves resources.




America's First Reusable Light bulb