LED Lighting 

Go Green Solutions began manufacturing LED light tubes in Southern California in 2009. Our patented reusable end cap gives you a trade in cash credit when your tube wears out. Many of the components are reused and others are carefully recycled.                                With over 25,000 LED tubes made with installations from the Los Angeles Subway tunnels to libraries, polce stations, schools and parking garages, Go Green Solutions offers sustainable, healthy lighting that delivers more usable lumens at half the energy use of traditional fluorescent tubes. Look below at the color difference!

Cool White Fluorescent (4000 kelvin)
Cool White Fluorescent (4000 kelvin)
Cree Natural White LED (4000 kelvin)
Cree Natural White LED (4000 kelvin)



Dave in Kitchen

David M. Wagner, CID Senior Kitchen Designer

David has designed and built over 2,000 custom kitchens in the last 40 years . He operates with three basic rules:

  1. Under promise and over deliver
  2. Listen carefully and pay attention to each client’s wants and needs
  3. Stay within the client’s investment parameters

David began his career designing in Kitchen & Bath showrooms and became the Senior Designer at St. Charles Kitchens in 1993. Within three years David owned the company. Clientele of St. Charles Kitchens consisted of Corporate America, Entertainment Moguls, and during its over 50 year history, designed the personal kitchens of three Presidents of the United States.

David has traveled the country teaching high end Kitchen design and served on the Board of Directors of the “California Council for Interior Design Certification” (www.ccidc.org) for seven years. Currently David serves as Director Emeritus, and is co-liaison for CCIDC to CAB (California Architects Board) and CALBO (California Building Officials Organization).  David M. Wagner is Certified Interior Designer #744 in the State of California.



America's First Reusable Light bulb